Nico Pemantle Singer-Songwriter

"Cellular Banana"

She met him in a tavern at the edge of town
The friend of a friend, she had seen him around
Holidays are coming and it gets a bit lonely now

And he's talking 'bout love on his cellular banana,
taking all these women around the town
Talking 'bout love on his cellular banana
He lines them up just to knock them down

If it looks like pleasure but it feels like pain
If it looks like love but it feels like rain
run like the wind, baby, don't look back again (chorus)

Wake up, sleepy Susie
Don't you see what's really going on?
He's just trying to get at your heart and your soul

Latch on to a star and it can feel so sound
but if you lose your grip it's a long way down
Crash and burn, baby, when you hit the ground (chorus)

(© 2003 - All Rights Reserved)

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