Nico Pemantle Singer-Songwriter

"Daisy Mae"

Too pretty for Georgia, it's off to New York
you're gonna make it this time
By midnight on Monday, you're crying in bed
all alone in the city, in over your head

But it's okay, Daisy Mae, there's nothing left to say
Come back and fall in my arms
Oh, you've got to know when there's nowhere left to go
just come home

They eat you for breakfast and spit you out whole
and barely know that you're there
Now you're thrashing and flapping like a fish on a line
and not to see it coming you'd have to be blind

But it's okay, Daisy Mae...

And all this time you've been living on sweet dreams
and fantasies that were all in your mind
Reality is nothing like it seems
and oh this time, you've got nowhere to hide

We got your last postcard, it said you were fine
We read between every line
We'll take you back easy, no questions at all
Your bedroom's still ready, we knew you might call, but

But it's okay, Daisy Mae...(repeat)

La la la, la la la...

(© 2002 - All Rights Reserved)

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