Nico Pemantle Singer-Songwriter

"Friends Like You"

People live for the minute with treasures and toys
and base their world around material joys
But I don't need all the pleasures that money can buy
'cause they won't lend you peace of mind

And in a world where lies are spoken
people change and hearts are broken
When I need a reason not to feel so blue
it's nice to have friends like you

When you're caught in the rhythm of pleasure and pain
it gets to feeling like they feel the same
It's hard to say what happened when just yesterday
tomorrow seemed so far away

Now all the world is spinning around me
night has fallen and the blues have found me
When I need somebody just to see me through
it's nice to have friends like you

I see it over and over
People come and people go
and when you see who's left standing after all this time
they will always be there

We're a race of survivors
Give us time and we will find our way
It ain't easy to find a place that feels like home
but it's nice to be there

Got me no speed limit and everything's fine
I'm flying down a thousand roads in my sweet time
I've spent my last years fighting with old father time
and he ain't been no friend of mine

'Cause every year I'm feeling older
The days are shorter and the nights are colder
and when I need a shoulder just to lean on to
It's nice to have friends like you
Sure nice to have friends like you

(© 1995 - All Rights Reserved)

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