Nico Pemantle Singer-Songwriter

"Let It Rain"

Now anger and hate, they never will die
They've got a life of their own
Can't let them invade, got to wash them away
Got to drown them in love
Got to drive them insane

Let it rain, let it rain with your love
Let it rain, let it rain with your love
Make it rain, pouring rain, with your love
Just let it rain

United we stand, all on the same side
We've got to see it that way
Let's join in together, stop looking away
Got to do it ourselves
Got no one else to blame

Let it rain...

True love is so rare, don't drive it away
It's all we have in the end
It's all up to you, just give it a try
You've got nothing to lose
And everything to gain

Let it rain...

(© 1993 - All Rights Reserved)

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