Nico Pemantle Singer-Songwriter


Below are seven of Nico's songs in MP3 format. These are the entire songs, not just clips. Feel free to download as many of the songs as you like, and please be sure to give Nico your feedback, or—better yet—email Nico to find out how you can order his CDs!

Song Length Size
Let It Rain* (1993)MP3-Lyrics 4:42 5.22MB
Cellular Banana (2003)MP3-Lyrics 4:42 4.56MB
Peace On Earth (2003)MP3-Lyrics 3:08 3.06MB
Daisy Mae (2002)MP3-Lyrics 3:58 3.85MB
Friends Like You (1995)MP3-Lyrics 4:15 4.12MB
Something Between Heaven...* (1993)MP3-Lyrics 4:08 8.00MB
The River Runs Dry (2003)MP3-Lyrics 3:44 3.17MB

*Remastered version from 2016

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